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Where Learning Lives

All children have a natural hunger for knowledge. They’re curious, eager to try new things, and don’t need a classroom to learn. Sometimes, the best environment is at home, where lessons can be tailored to how your child learns, and revisiting them is as important as seeing them for the first time. It’s a place where parents have the educational support they need for their lifestyle. 

You can do it. And your children can do it too.


Experience how Abeka Academy empowers this military family with the freedom to pursue learning.

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Abeka provides a trusted education built on four main principles.

Interested in homeschooling?

Abeka empowers you to choose which option is best for your child.


Biblical Worldview

Integrates into each subject


Emphasizes God’s character and eternal truths


Equips students for standing firm in God’s Word

Prepares students to make a difference for eternity

Research & Development

Utilizes curriculum mapping


Incorporates educational standards and objectives


Studies academic trends


Evaluates how Abeka prepares students for standardized testing


Applies customer feedback

Proven Philosophy

Leads and engages students


Builds character


Includes cross-subject integration, phonics-based reading, and a spiral learning approach

Critical Thinking

Enabled by teaching a firm foundation of facts


Challenged through higher-level thinking and application of facts


Supports the goal of well-educated students able to defend their faith and apply knowledge

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Abeka Academy Video Homeschool

With immersive video lessons taught by our Master Teachers, you get flexibility and expert instruction at a great value. Try it out for yourself.

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