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Why I Chose Abeka’s Parent-Led Homeschool Curriculum

Lexus | Southern California

A few years ago, I actually told myself I would never homeschool. I'm not a teacher. But I'm a mom, and I’ve learned I have all the tools needed to teach my kids at home. I'm there with them every day. We learn together. It's all a balancing act, and each day is a new reward.

My mom was an Abeka teacher for many years. Abeka was part of our family. When my kids were in public school, I felt like they needed a little bit of extra help with learning how to read. I remembered my old phonics book, and I brought it out to supplement their learning, and it truly helped them. After COVID, my son really struggled with virtual learning through the public school system. I saw it in his face every day. It was so hard.

Balance comes in all shapes and forms, and when we decided to homeschool, I knew I needed support. As a wedding photographer, I knew I needed a curriculum with structure and guidance. But I also needed flexibility most of all. There are days when I have a shoot in the morning, and we wrap it up and go home and do school. The next day, we'd have a regular schedule. I'm able to balance my work and my clients with homeschooling during the day. And it's truly a great feeling knowing that I teach my kids, and they're learning with mom at home.

We love having control over what our children are learning, being in the comfort and safety of our home, and still being able to socialize and have adventures.

That’s why I chose Abeka, and specifically the Child Kit for each of my children and me. They provide everything– the tools you need, the pamphlets, the maps- everything is there. I am not someone who is necessarily balanced and organized at all, but the kits provide that structure that I truly needed.

I love watching their growth and struggles, being there for their wants and needs, their questions, and their laughs. I love seeing their wheels turn, and that's truly what brings the most joy to me with homeschooling. Seeing their passions develop and thrive. My oldest, Delaney, loves history. Robbie loves math. He's great at numbers. Matthew loves science. He loves anything outside. So we make sure that sometimes we bring our curriculum outside for the day. Currently, we are raising caterpillars. He absolutely loves it.

I love knowing exactly where their minds are at any given time and being the one that fosters their curiosity. I’m able to know exactly what they're having trouble with. I'm the one. Abeka gives me that control and freedom where I can just talk openly with them in our home. Young children have millions of questions a day, and I'm here for it. They’re constantly asking, "Mommy, what is this? What does this mean?" And I might have missed these moments had they not been at home learning with me.

Abeka makes me feel strong as a mom. It shows me that I'm truly capable of hard things. It’s taught me not to be afraid just because you think you might not be good at it, but to try and truly see how capable you are. I love that.

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my kids' faces light up when they solve that one thing that they've been struggling with. And it feels so good as a mom, knowing that I helped them. I was their missing puzzle piece.

If you're curious about homeschooling, do your research. Ask questions. If you know someone who is already currently homeschooling, don't be afraid to go to their house and see what they're doing. That's what I did. I dove in deep, and I'm so glad I did. I had so many questions and so many things answered, and I'm truly grateful. Be curious, and don't be afraid.

As I said, I didn't think I was going to be a homeschool mom, but I am so happy that I am.

Watch Lexus talk about her family and their homeschooling journey.


Lexus's Must Have Products

K5 Child Kit

The K5 Child Kit contains all the essential materials—20 in total—to give your kindergartener the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. Choose from Manuscript or Cursive and combine this kit with the K5 Parent Kit to have everything you need to confidently teach your child at home.

Grade 2 Child Kit

The Grade 2 Child Kit contains everything your child needs to continue building knowledge and effective learning habits, including 10 readers, 33 phonics-based word lists, and more. Couple this with the Grade 2 Parent Kit to complete your curriculum.

Grade 4 Child Kit

As your fourth grader begins expanding their horizons, the Grade 4 Child Kit contains all the essential materials—28 in total— for you to navigate this formative year with them. Partner with the Grade 4 Parent Kit to have all that you need to homeschool your child.

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