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When it came to homeschool, we turned to the best: Abeka.

Jessica | Alaska

When we decided to homeschool, it was a no-brainer we would end up using Abeka. After all, it’s been in our lives for over thirty years. Both of our parents homeschooled us with Abeka. Looking back, our moms made it look so easy. They were always so encouraging and positive, even when they must have been overwhelmed. We like to joke that they were the original homeschooling moms—they homeschooled before it became cool.

They’ve been an awesome resource for us throughout our homeschool journey.

We have four children: two older girls (10th and 6th grades), one boy (3rd grade), and we recently adopted a newborn daughter. We live in rural Alaska and manage two businesses, as well as a vlog. Our lives are incredibly busy, and we need a homeschool curriculum that gives us structure and flexibility. No other option had the flexibility, ease of access, and solid, faith-based curriculum that Abeka has. In the end, all roads led back to Abeka.

I love the structure of Abeka. I'm a very type-A person, so my ideal homeschool curriculum would tell me exactly what I have to do for daily lessons and what we need to accomplish by the end of the year.

Abeka Academy keeps me organized and structured.

As Christians, no matter what, we feel that a Biblical worldview is absolutely essential in any curriculum for our children. And as parents, our job is to raise children with strong values and character. Abeka is definitely a partner when it comes to that—influencing how our children go about their everyday lives and who they will become as adults.

Homeschool can be a whole lot of fun. It really can. And what's also neat is watching your children apply their knowledge to real-life situations.

We are beginning to see the moments that make it all worth it. It’s those lightbulb moments, the sudden successes, the realization that you taught another human being how to read. Those moments are everything to us.

Watch Jessica talk about her family and their homeschooling journey.


Jessica's Must-Have Products

Grade 3 Video & Books Instruction – Unaccredited

Enjoy the best of both worlds of homeschooling and a traditional Christian school classroom with Abeka Academy! With our virtual program, you can easily homeschool more than one child at a time, even when your family is away from home.

Grade 6 Video & Books Instruction – Unaccredited

Prepare your 6th grader for junior high school! Our engaging videos, built on a solid Christian worldview, will guide your child through an advanced map studies of the 50 states, reading classic works by Kipling, sharpening writing skills, learning more complex mental arithmetic concepts, and more.

Grade 10 Video & Books Instruction – Unaccredited

You want to personally be involved in your teen’s education but need an alternative to all the hours of planning that quality teaching requires. Enjoy the best of both worlds of homeschooling and a traditional Christian school classroom

with Abeka Academy!

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Mrs. Laura Susan Bamberg Gideon
Mrs. Laura Susan Bamberg Gideon

Thank you, ABeka Academy, for sharing the insights from this family. I love seeing people all over the world using your curriculum for their homeschool lives. It is such an intense blessing for us and I'm so proud to be raising my kids on the same curriculum type I used growing up in a private Christian school. Kudos to all! And good luck to this sweet family!

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