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If I had known about Abeka before, I would have homeschooled without a second thought.

Angela | Georgia

When I began considering homeschooling, it seemed like too much information to comprehend and material to organize. But when my two oldest daughters began to have difficulties in school, I ignored my nerves and decided to switch. While researching homeschool programs, I learned that a recruiter was coming to town to put on a material display at a nearby hotel. There, we watched the DVD lessons, flipped through the workbooks, and became acquainted with Abeka.

The moment I heard the teacher on the DVDs interact with the students at home and the students in the classroom, I just knew that Abeka was the right fit for my family. I bought everything I needed to begin that very day.

We began using the full-year, full-grade accredited program, and it fit us like a glove. The Abeka Academy Accredited curriculum lets my girls take their time and build powerful math and reading foundations without cutting corners. It aims to help students retain information long-term, not just for the test. It’s more than just memorization. They play games, sound out difficult words, and exercise their minds with different activities. It’s dynamic, engaging education meant to benefit them in the long run.

The teachers are Abeka’s secret ingredient. They make everything so simple and stress-free for parents. We took a visit to Pensacola Christian Academy to meet the teachers. The girls brought gifts and were so excited to hand them out. I was about to burst with gratitude. Although we’ve only ever seen them on the DVDs, they’ve been with us from the start, guiding and encouraging my girls and me.

They made me feel like I was not alone and that the burden was not all on me; if I had known that from the start, I would have homeschooled without a second thought.

As a disabled veteran, I sometimes need to go to doctor’s appointments during homeschool hours. That’s when my husband and I tag-team the school day. Homeschooling with Abeka is perfect for my family. Once we committed, the transition was so easy. It all fits perfectly with our schedules and has made us so flexible with our time. With the school day entirely under our control, we can fit in so much family time, something we all cherish deeply.

With Abeka, we can take our time and focus on the essential things.

Stress no longer weighs me down. Most of all, I get to watch them. I see them work through the difficult words and learn the new equation. I’m able to see their faces light up when something clicks. Their education unfolds right before my eyes. It’s all so surreal, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Angela's Must-Have Products

Grade 5 Video & Books Instruction – Accredited

Fifth graders can learn so much! Abeka Academy’s engaging videos, built on a solid Christian worldview, will guide your child through the Eastern Hemisphere, his first research paper, pre-algebra concepts, and much more!

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