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I took control of my children’s education with video homeschool.

Xochitl | Texas

In my heart, I was called to homeschool for a very long time. I was just afraid to take the plunge. When my oldest was in public school, I constantly worried about the many hours he spent away from us. And then, when my second son went to kindergarten, it just wasn’t the right fit for him. I started researching everything about homeschooling, and the first thing that I found was Abeka.

It felt right. It gave me so much peace when I discovered it.

As a military family, we deal with so much inconsistency and a lot of unknowns, especially because we have to move every few years. Homeschooling my children just takes away the fear of always having to start a new school, and always having to make new friends. It has been such a blessing to protect them from unnecessary suffering while still providing a strong academic foundation. 

One of the things that I really love about the curriculum is how it solidifies the basics. Abeka still teaches cursive, something you don’t see being taught nowadays. Writing in cursive actually strengthens the parts of the brain that deal with language and working memory. I saw this in my son’s penmanship as he was learning cursive. He got off to a rocky start, but as we kept doing the lessons, his handwriting got so much better. I was thrilled because having good, legible handwriting is so important. Abeka also has a lot of cute songs and sayings to keep students engaged and interested. For example, my five-year-old can remember how to properly hold a pencil by using Abeka’s poem. Whenever I say, "Ezra, how do you hold your pencil?" He says, "Tommy Thumb. Peter Pointer pinch it, and rest on Toby Tall Man." He reminds himself. I just love those cute little sayings that kids can easily remember. 

Because I was so new to all of this, I loved how Abeka practically holds you by the hand and keeps you accountable.

We chose accredited for our first son; that way, every six weeks, I could send in his work. With their parent manuals, it's an open-and-go curriculum. You can watch the videos and have professional teachers teach them, which is what I did the first year. And then, for my second son, we chose independent study because it was the first time he was learning all these subjects, and I wanted to give him the space, flexibility, and time to get used to learning. You just open the manual, and it tells you exactly what to say for each and every lesson. I love that we were able to experience both options of Abeka Academy. It takes the stress away. You can rest assured that everything is just right there for you.

Abeka fits right into what I wanted my homeschool to look like. It is a faith-based curriculum, which is incredibly important for me, and it also practices a lot of life skills like charity, compassion, and humility.

By homeschooling with Abeka, we can take opportunities to meet all the people that serve our community, like bankers, police officers, and firefighters. I want my kids to see that we are here to serve, just like their daddy is serving. Abeka helps me continue to build on that character and continues to remind me every day what is important. Serving is important. Appreciating the people around you is important. When you're doing things out of a faith-based approach, I feel like you value the world around you more. And that's exactly what I want for my children.


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Enjoy the best of both worlds of homeschooling and a traditional Christian school classroom with Abeka Academy! With our virtual program, you can easily homeschool more than one child at a time, even when your family is away from home.

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